Navigation of this site is pretty straight forward. The site title in the upper left corner of every page will always bring you back to the Home, or index page. This is something I do on almost all my sites.

The menu to my various writing projects is located on the Home page, along the left edge of the page. These are various categories I have defined for my writings. Selecting one of these links will take you to the appropriate index page for each category of writings. Once there, links will be provided for each project page in that category; choosing one of these links will take you to the individual project page.

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If you are having problems viewing this site using Internet Explorer, I highly recommend that you try using Chrome or Firefox. Both are far superior to Internet Explorer in my opinion, so unfortunately I do not take much time to see that these sites work properly with Internet Explorer; I probably should, but my time is better spent creating than accomodating Microsoft's outdated way of thinking. No disrespect is intended towards anyone using Internet Explorer, but please consider some of your alternatives like Chrome Firefox or Opera. You may have to get used to a new look, but I'm sure you'll be happier for the change.

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